OnePlastics is a leading manufacturer of plastic products, which specialises in injection moulding and related services.

Operating in Ireland, UK and China, OnePlastics designs and manufactures a range of products across a number of key markets and sectors. As well as designing and developing its own products, OnePlastics offers full contract manufacturing and related services to a number of multinationals.

Our partnership-based approached is focused on providing the most cost effective and innovative solutions to our customers. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements and provide an integrated service solution to encompass product design and re-engineering, recycled material substitution and supply chain management. Our philosophy is to continually invest in the latest technologies and equipment to ensure that OnePlastics exceeds our customer’s expectations in each of the sectors in which we operate.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of plastics products in each of the sectors in which we operate.

We will achieve this by focusing on operational excellence, innovation and superior customer service. OnePlastics will continuously innovate and invest in our business to enable us to provide our customers with better products and services in the most cost effective manner possible.

The OnePlastics Brand Identity represents the multiple organisations that make up the OnePlastics Group. The device underlines how the businesses interact, how they often overlap and collaborate. It is this comprehensive and universal understanding that forms the foundation of our brand, ethos and approach.

− The OnePlastics Brand

Wherever the OnePlastics Group device and brand mark is applied, it provides confidence and assurance that the individual organisation is a part of an organisation which has charged itself with the aim and mission of ‘moulding the future’.

− The OnePlastics Brand

The strength of the OnePlastics Group is reliant upon the individual excellence of the member businesses. OnePlastics Group facilitates a structure that allows the individual businesses to flourish and to provide to our customers operational excellence, high quality products and flexible and responsive customer service.

− OnePlastics: The sum of all its parts

OnePlastics Group is most certainly the sum of its parts and we’re proud and confident that our individual businesses retain the highest calibre of leaders who ensure that on an operational level, they are market leaders.

− OnePlastics: The sum of all its parts

Moulding the future™

Moulding is the core operation of our businesses but our interpretation of moulding in the context of our vision is to positively and constructively shape our businesses, our employees, our environment and our futures. Having a fluid process allows the OnePlastics Group to adapt swiftly as the market demands.

Whether it is an environmental or technological change, OnePlastics Group is determined to maintain its reputation for consistently pioneering change and development, for the betterment of all organisational stakeholders, both internal and external.

Our vision requires us to constantly monitor, assess and invest. We’re proud of this track record and our solid reputation. Since 2010, we have continued to invest in our people and manufacturing facilities. This means we remain at the cutting-edge of injection moulding technology, manufacturing and developing new techniques which enable us to provide better products, better services and better places to work. We plan and aim for better results, both now and for the future.

IPL Plastics

OnePlastics Group is a part of IPL plastics plc

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Key Facts

With a turnover of more than €150 million, OnePlastics Group is advancing on three continents. Investing continually in all areas of our businesses, our 450 employees service global brands including EMC, Nestle, Akzo Nobel, Biffa, Wavin and Veolia. We are proud of our investment in people; we bring talent to work.

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locations across 3 continents

Customer Base

OnePlastics is proud of its extensive customer base. We have supported many OEM programs throughout our history and we have always made it our goal to supply high quality products on time, and at the right price. We offer our customers full European and Far East back-up services for project management.

OnePlastics’ principal markets include the United Kingdom, Europe, and Far East, and our customer base reflects the reach of our operations. Amongst our leading customers is EMC. A customer for 18 years, EMC is the world leader in data storage solutions. We work very closely with EMC to develop new products and innovative, value-engineered solutions for existing products.

Akzo Nobel is a prime example of OnePlastics’ customer base. One of the leading paint manufacturers in the world, Akzo Nobel benefits from our provision of industry leading products, which are both cost effective and consumer friendly.

Nestle, a world leader in the pharmaceutical and food industries, is a OnePlastics customer. OnePlastics manufactures for Nestle using the latest in all-electric injection moulding technology to provide a highly consistent and reliable product.

Akzo Nobel
PPG Industries

The Accreditation Standards of Our Businesses

Businesses within the OnePlastics Group are proud of their industry and Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental (QHSE) accreditation. Each business within the OnePlastics Group operates to the highest QHSE standards so that its customers are safe in the knowledge that all aspects of its processes are performed to the best-in-class industry standards.

For example, as an ISO 9001 and FDA accredited business, OnePlastics’ AAC Structural Foam is always improving quality and efficiency with its business units. Our recent investment of over £3.5m in plant and capital equipment and an ISO 26000 target attainment is part of the platform we are using to further increase our environmental policies and credentials.

OnePlastics’ Protech unit is also ISO 9001 registered and members of the BPF and FERFA associations, promoting closed loop recycling with our waste partners. In fact, Protech operates a zero-to-landfill operation at Tamworth. We are proud of Protech’s PPG Global Supplier of the Year 2013 award. Within the OnePlastics’ group you will also find ISO14001:2004; ISO9001:2008; and ISO2200:2005 certification.

ISO 2200:2005
ISO 9001:2008
Al wheeled bins are EN840 Certified
OHSAS 1800