About OnePackaging

OnePlastics Group offer an extensive range of proprietary injecting moulded and blow moulded packaging products and continually develop additional products and sizes for each of our markets and ranges.

✓ Containers, pots & tubs
✓ Lidded pails
✓ Paint cans
✓ Jerrycans and blow moulded containers
✓ Bale arm trays, distribution containers & storage totes
✓ Returnable transit packaging & equipment

The Group has the financial capacity, design expertise and operational capabilities to support the development of bespoke rigid plastic packaging andmaterial handling products in partnership with our customers.

In addition OnePlastics offer out-sourced manufacturing for injection moulding, blow moulding and related services.

OneNest Stack/Nest Bale-Arm Trays

OneNest is suitable for a wide range of products and are manufactured from food-grade material to comply with industry standards.

Key Features

  • Standard and optional colours for both body and bars
  • Nests for efficient storage & distribution of empty trays
  • Recessed label areas
  • Stock ticket holders
  • Textured on all four sides for easy label removal
  • Operational temperature range of -30°C to + 85°C
  • Maximum load on bottom container 80 kg (400mm x 300mm) and 162 kg (600mm x 400mm)


OneCan Stackable

Located in Hull, at our centre of excellence for blow moulding, our state of the art manufacturing of the OneCan launched in 2017 in sizes of 10.0, 12.5, 20.0 & 25.0 Litre, fully U.N. Certified. These products are an exciting addition to the expanding OPG Packaging range.

Key Features

  • OneCan has been a fantastic success with the full machine capacity sold within a few months of launch
  • The OneCan Stackable Jerrycan can was designed for its unique optimal stacking abilities
  • Precise dispensing and global applications due to its UN Accreditation
  • Available in 10 Litre, 12.5 Litre, 20.0 Litre & 25.0 Litre sizes in a variety of weight classes and colours
  • Suitable for hazardous liquids from the chemical industry as well as food related products

Protech Plastic Containers (PPC)™

Our Protech Plastic Containers (PPC) division also offer an extensive range of rigid plastic packaging (pots, tubs, containers, lidded pails & paint cans).