Operational Values

OnePlastics – more than a plastics manufacturer

Our process is designed to fully understand customer requirements and translate those requirements into a high quality finished product in the most cost effective manner possible.

From concept, design and manufacture, to logistics and supply chain management, our process is engineered to provide an integrated solution to our customers so that we not only manufacture the product, but provide our customers with solutions to other supply chain problems.

At the heart of what we do is a drive to ensure that the concept and design meets the customers product specification, whilst optimising the production process, producing the highest quality products and ensuring best value.

Continual Investment: OnePlastics continually invests in latest injection moulding machinery and tooling as witnessed by €25m investment in last 5 years

OnePlastics continually invests in the latest injection moulding machinery and tooling, with a €25m investment in last 5 years.

2. Environmentally Focussed

Recycled material grades, energy efficient machinery and efficient transport use reduce our carbon footprint.

3. 360 Degree Product Lifecycle

Wherever possible, OnePlastics seeks to recycle end-of-life products and reuse the material in the production of new products.

4. Dynamic, Hands-on Management Structure

Our businesses are run by a dedicated management team which delivers quick, flexible and high quality customer service.

5. Robust and Efficient Project Management

At the heart of OnePlastics is a relentless focus on delivering projects on time, to the highest quality and on budget.

6. Employee Training and Development Focus

OnePlastics actively supports its employees in their training and development needs and has an ongoing apprenticeship programme.

7. Proactive Cost Removal and Reduction

OnePlastics engages with customers to support cost reduction initiatives through efficient production and product handling solutions.

8. Technology and Research Driven

OnePlastics is continuously innovating in each of its product sectors, with a focus on developing products that are best in class.


Product Design

OnePlastics focuses on ensuring that the product is designed correctly first time, so that it not only meets the customer’s requirements, but is also designed to reduce total manufacturing costs.

Employing the latest in product design techniques, including CAD, FEA and Moldflow analysis and rapid prototyping, we have the capabilities to meet all of your product design requirements.

Our design process also employs the latest in emerging processes, materials and technologies to ensure that we optimise product designs.

Tool Making

OnePlastics offers an extensive suite of tool making services to its customers. We manage the production of several hundred tools each year through our network of specialist tooling suppliers in Asia and Europe.

We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements to allow us to select the most appropriate tooling supplier, taking into account budgets, timescales and technical requirements

Our unique tailored service and transparent project management ensures that the tools are optimised to our customers’ requirements.

Injection Moulding

OnePlastics has grown to be a leading supplier of plastic products to a variety of industry sectors including electronics, packaging, food, waste management and infrastructure.

We now have more than 130 moulding machines in our group, ranging from 40T to 2700T, located in Ireland, UK and China. All our manufacturing sites are equipped with the latest in injection moulding technology and robotics to deliver a consistently high quality product at the most cost effective price.

We believe in having strategically-located production sites close to our major customers so that they can respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements.

Secondary Operations

As well as specialising in injection moulding, OnePlastics is also able to offer a range of additional services including printing, in-mould labeling (IML), painting, material handling solutions, assembly, and supply chain management.

OnePlastics’ aim is to provide comprehensive solutions to customers to provide greater added value with lower product costs.

Group Capabilities

Product Design & Re-engineering

Product Design & Re-engineering

We have a dedicated global team of innovative product designers who will stay with you right from the design process and through to delivery, ensuring that every step of the way, your product meets all expectations.

We are always looking forward for the next shift within the market and our teams are ready to accept any and all challenges, helping deliver products of the highest standard to our customers.

Tool design and manufacture

Tool Design & Manufacture

Our mould/tool design process is undertaken in-house with the latest CAD technology in our state-of-the-art facility in Tamworth, UK, which operates 24/7 to ensure that we provide the level of production required by our industry-leading customers.

All production is carried out and fulfilled to the high standards expected from OnePlastics and in addition to this, we offer our customers the reassurance of a complete FEA analysis of their component as part of our rigorous optimisation process.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Value engineering is at the core of the OnePlastics philosophy. Our capabilities range from innovative product design to cost effective product handling solutions. We work closely with our customers to design and  manufacture the most innovative products whilst lowering the total cost of production.

All of our plastic materials are compliant with Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, and are therefore suitable for use in bottling, canning, and food-handling equipment.

Logistics and supply chain management

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Understanding market logistics and supply chain management is critical to success in both manufacturing and service industries.

We believe in seizing the competitive advantage by rapidly changing to our customers’ needs, for which effective logistics and supply changing management are of prime importance.



As we continually strive to meet each of our customers’ expectations in product manufacturing, our in house design & manufacturing teams will help deliver a product in complete working order.

By offering assembly services in Ireland and China, we can deliver a service that exceeds the expectations of our customers and assists us in growing in our market sectors.

In-mould Labelling

In-Mould Labeling (IML)

At OnePlastics, we’re always looking for ways to deliver efficient costs for our customers and In-Mould Labeling offers exactly this. IML is a cost effective way of decorating a range of products which include tubs, containers and lids.

Product handling solutions

Product Handling Solutions

OnePlastics has developed a range of customised product handling solutions that delivers a higher quality product to our customers, whilst assisting in lowering the total cost of production.

Raw material substitution

Raw Material Substitution

OnePlastics has worked closely with its recycled polymer suppliers and its customers to develop recycled polymer grades which closely mirror the characteristics of virgin polymer, thus producing more environmentally friendly products and reducing our carbon footprint.