AAC Structural Foam

One Plastics’ AAC Structural Foam is a market-leading contract manufacturer in the UK, specialising in injection moulding for non-automotive sectors. AAC Structural Foam supplies customers in sectors ranging from construction to food handling products.

With a facility of over 6,500m2, AAC Structural Foam uses state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that its products are produced to the highest quality. OnePlastics has recently invested over £3.5m in state of the art injection moulding equipment

As an ISO9001 and FDA accredited business, AAC Structural Foam is always continuing to improve its business. OnePlastics has recently invested over £3.5m in plant and capital equipment, as well as initiating a programme to achieve an ISO26000, further increasing our environmental policies and credentials.

MGB Plastics

MGB Plastics is the UK’s leading manufacturer of wheeled bins and kitchen caddies.

In addition to manufacturing wheeled bins, kerbside and kitchen caddies, MGB Plastics also has a dedicated household distribution team, which has been responsible for the delivery of in excess of 5 million wheeled bins to households throughout the UK. With MGB, OnePlastics offers industry-best lead times and customer flexibility.

As a result of its production capacity, MGB is able to offer customers the quickest lead times in the UK. Operating from a large, modern manufacturing facility of approximately 5,000m2, MGB uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that only bins of the highest quality are produced.

Protech Performance Plastics

With over 20 years’ experience, OnePlastics’ Protech Performance Plastics (PPP) is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of plastic injection products. It has expanded globally and now has a strong Asian presence following the establishment of its Chinese manufacturing plant in Shanghai, an initiative it undertook to service electronics giant EMC2.

PPP also provides a range of value-added solutions ranging from product sourcing services and painting to assembly and supply chain management. We take pride in providing a range of innovative and cost effective solutions for all our customers.

OnePlastics’ PPP offers customers a total solution for all their plastic and mechanical needs. We take a partnership approach with all our customers. Each customer receives a dedicated project manager, who works closely with each customer to ensure a solution which delivers the best value, while maintaining the highest standards.

OnePlastics is proud of the work we produce at Protech Performance Plastics. From general moulding, to high volume clean manufacturing for the food industry, we are always striving to deliver above and beyond customer expectations.

Protech Plastic Containers

OnePlastics’ Protech Plastics Containers (PPC) is a leading UK paint can manufacturer, supplying a range of products that include our own patented designs. Operating from a state-of-the-art facility in Tamworth, PPC uses cutting-edge technology, including all-electric machinery specified for containers, as well as the latest in-mould labelling (IML) technology.

Containers are available in a variety of colours and sizes. PPC can also customise containers using the latest in-mould labelling (IML) techniques. This allows customers to add eye-catching and vivid labels so products stand out in a retail environment.

We continually add to our range of containers and currently have several new designs in process.

Straight Ltd.

Straight plc leads the field in supplying inventive, high-quality waste and recycling solutions to a broad range of customers.

As the key specialist in all of our markets we have a broad portfolio of products and services underpinned by an extensive track record


IPL is a leading North American manufacturer of injection-moulded plastics products serving the environmental, bulk-food and retail sectors.

Global Footprint

OnePlastics’ global footprint requires you to roll out the entire atlas. We operate from the USA, through the UK and Ireland, right across to China.

With manufacturing bases in Ireland, the UK and China, and a specialist support office in Boston, OnePlastics ships products globally. And with extensive product sourcing from China, we have all ports covered.

OnePlastics offers full engineering support. With English-speaking engineers based on the ground in Asia, OnePlastics has assembled a team dedicated to sourcing the best products and raw materials which China has to offer. OnePlastics ensures that all products are manufactured to exacting specifications, and that products are tested locally and are certified for RoHS/REACH.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

All aspects of OnePlastics’ processes are optimised to reduce carbon footprint from the use of recycled material, energy efficient machinery and the effective use of transport.

Investment in the most modern equipment has drastically reduced our energy consumption. At an increasing number of OnePlastics plants we recycle all of our own factory-generated scrap on site, and we aim for a zero-scrap operating facility.

OnePlastics has a full-time, 24/7 Quality Control department, and on-site testing facilities capable of testing every possible element throughout the production process, from raw materials through to finished goods. Finished goods are subjected to a punishing schedule of daily tests to ensure consistent and world class quality standards are maintained.

1 MGB Plastics

Wheeled Bin Manufacturer

  • 6,000m2 manufacturing facility with capacity to product 1.5 million wheeled bins per annum.


Paint Can Manufacturer

  • 5,600m2 manufacturing facility with a range of state-of-the-art-machinery.

3 AAC Plastics

Industrial Manufacturing

  • 5,100m2 manufacturing facility with a well-invested range of production machinery.

4 Protech

Rigid Packaging & Electronics

  • 2,300m2 manufacturing facility with an additional 1,400m2 clean room facility.

5 Protech Boston


  • Representative office.

6 Protech China


  • 2,300m2 manufacturing facility.

7 Straight Ltd.

Wheeled Bin, Caddy & Kerbside Box Manufacturer

  • 12,000m2 manufacturing facility.

8 St. Damien

Bulk Packaging & Environmental

  • 50,300m2 manufacturing facility.

9 Edmundston

Material Handling & Thin Wall Packaging for Food Applications

  • 12,100m2 manufacturing facility.

10 Lee’s Summit, Mo

Overcaps Business, Manufacturing Lids & Composite Lids

  • 22,800m2 manufacturing facility.

11 Encore

12 Macro