With 3 billion additional consumers coming onto the global market by 2030, the waste management and recycling market is not just growing in size, it’s growing in value too. As resources become steadily more scarce, their value and circular economic importance increases.

On average, a citizen in an OECD country buys 800kg of food and drinks, 120kg of packaging and 20kg of new clothing and shoes every year. Failing to recycle these goods effectively weakens nations’ economies. Countries with integrated waste management systems will attain a competitive economic advantage.

When it comes to waste management, OnePlastics is a leader in waste management products, services, and innovation. We play a critical role in the environmental management of today’s cities, and when it comes to our own corporate ethics, we believe that leading by example is the best way to identify with our customers’ needs; our environmental policies are ambitious, transparent, and effective.

OnePlastics supplied wheelie bins to these councils and many more in 2013…

Wycombe & Chiltern Council
Sefton Council
Eastbourne & Wealden Council
Lambeth Council
East Herts Council
Darlington Council


OnePlastics is the UK’s leading manufacturer of wheeled bins and caddies.

Operating from a modern, state of the art manufacturing facility in Rotherham, OnePlastics has the capacity to manufacture in excess of 2 million wheeled bins per annum.

In addition to manufacturing wheeled bins, kerbside and kitchen caddies, we also have a dedicated household distribution team that has been responsible for the delivery of in excess of 5 million wheeled bins to households throughout the UK.

OnePlastics has over 20 years’ experience of delivering wheeled bins to local authorities and individual households throughout the UK. OnePlastics’ manufacturing facility is centrally-located in Rotherham, Yorkshire, allowing OnePlastics to respond quickly to customers throughout the region.

We estimate that there are currently over 10 million UK-made OnePlastics wheeled bins on Britain’s streets. OnePlastics has invested in excess of £10m on advanced manufacturing equipment in the last 3 years alone and now has the most extensive collection of large tonnage injection moulding machines and wheeled bin tools in the UK.

MGB Plastics

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